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Every ‘Clerks’ Easter Egg in ‘Clerks III’

Almost 15 years before Marvel changed Hollywood by connecting all of its films into a single overarching narrative, Kevin Smith created his “View Askewniverse.” All of his early movies existed in the same universe (or, at least, the same part of Central New Jersey). The characters in one movie would pop up in another; infamous events in one story might get referenced again later.

While Smith did eventually move away from solely making movies in the View Askewniverse by the mid-2000s, he’s returned to it in recent years, first with his Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and then with Clerks III, which really brings him back to his roots telling stories about two humble convenience store employees (played once again by Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson) trapped for eternity behind the register at the Quick Stop in Leonardo, New Jersey. In this installment Anderson’s Randal suffers a near-fatal heart attack and decides he needs to do something with his life. As a lifelong movie fan, there’s just one option: Make a movie, and set in the Quick Stop.

That turns Clerks III into a non-stop parade of references and callbacks to the original Clerks, as the movie Randal makes bears a very strong resemblance to the one Kevin Smith wrote and directed about his own time working at the Quick Stop back in 1994. Characters and actors from the past return, earlier shots are duplicated exactly, and even one or two films outside the View Askewniverse get mentioned. Below, you’ll find several dozen Easter eggs hidden throughout the film. If you plan on stealing them to write a piece of your own, please let us know. Thanks.

Clerks Easter Eggs in Clerks III

For long-time Kevin Smith fans, Clerks III is filled from top to bottom with references, Easter eggs, and callbacks to the entire View Askewniverse.

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