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See Season 3 Episode 4 Review: The Storm

Oh my god! This is the best episode ever!

See Season 3 Episode 4 picks up right after Sibeth has managed to slip away during her altercation with Baba Voss and Kofun.

What follows is a majestic escape, more revelations that thicken the plot, betrayal, rescue, and a daring return.

Landscape Baba Voss - See Season 3 Episode 4

This episode dives more into the politics of Trivante and some struggles of certain characters. Betrayal is a theme that strongly emerged in the episode. Whether it is the triangle being betrayed by one of its own, Trovere being betrayed by Harlan, or Harlan being betrayed by Trovere, there wasn’t a shortage of it.

If anyone is benefitting from Baba’s return, it is Kofun and Haniwa. For Kofun, he serves the role of a guide. Kofun seems more at ease and more confident with Baba around.

Baba and Kofun - See Season 3 Episode 4

Kofun: Da! Da!
Baba Voss: My son.
Kofun: I’m sorry.
Baba Voss: For what?
Kofun: I don’t know what I was thinking. I … I freed Sibeth, she’s gone and it’s my fault.
Baba Voss: I have many things I’m sorry for. Many regrets. But I never regret anything that I did for my children. When you were freeing Sibeth, you were thinking like a father not a traitor. You were doing it for your son. Never apologize for that.
Kofun: Thank you!

He is more thoughtful and attentive. Baba’s affirmation is something he desperately needs.

Harlan’s and Trovere’s relationship hit a snag. In my review of See Season 3 Episode 3, I said that their relationship has the potential to blow up in their faces. Them realizing that their love isn’t mutual is something that spells doom for this thing they got going on.

They both lack trust in each other because they are not stupid. Both know that the other has the potential to take advantage of the other person and their station. This is why Harlan insists on finding his own way into Trivante.

Trovere: And does Maghra know?
Harlan: Know what?
Trovere: That you’re in love with her?

He doesn’t trust Trovere. And for a good reason.

Baba and the rest of the troops witness the damage the bombs can cause. Up to this point, only Baba and Wren have come close to seeing how destructive they can be. I was surprised to see Baba go to seek Ranger’s help even when Lu made it very clear that he wasn’t welcome there.

Harlan and Trovere - See Season 3 Episode 4

Queen bitch has gotten a taste of what it is like to be targeted without the protection of guards and the crown. They should have called this episode The Trials and Tribulations of Super Bitch.

She suffers hunger, cold and mortal danger.

I am confident that Harlan realized something was amiss when Trovere played the “after sex card.” She should have tried that before sex. After sex, Harlan was clearer minded than ever. And when she insists on convincing him to defect and be with her, that is the red flag.

I feel bad for them. They seem to enjoy each other’s company genuinely.

No love is lost between Baba and Ranger despite everything.

Baba and Ranger - See Season 3 Episode 4

The Bank’s betrayal of the triangle was one of the episode’s biggest jaw-dropping moments. I am convinced she didn’t want the rest of the triangle to come around to her way of thinking. She was always planning on killing them.

When he realizes what Trovere and the rest have done, he understands how much danger he might be in. If there was this beautiful woman who had managed to slither her way into your life, hidden some huge things from you, and even brought you to a place she knew you might die, how would you say no to her?

I don’t think he defected. He’s just bidding his time so he can get away from her in one piece. Literally.

I am glad he is not in love with her. Otherwise, he could have easily switched sides. He is also lucky she is in love with him and will do anything to protect him.

Baba and Kofun - See Season 3 Episode 4

One of the most beautiful moments in this episode is when Baba and his entourage arrive at where Jeramarel’s child are enslaved. This serves as a teaching moment, and it’s just beautiful to see Baba guide and remind Kofun and Haniwa lessons he has taught them.

Haniwa: There are no archers.
Baba Voss: No archers means what?
Haniwa: It means they are fortified with more soldiers on the ground.
Baba Voss: Yes, my love. You and Wren take Lu, go and find the children and bring them back.

And then the action. It is always a pleasure to watch the action scenes in See. The stunt coordinator deserves a raise.

The arrival of Lord Harlan is something I think will be good for Baba Voss and the rest. As I said before, I think he is lying to Trovere in pursuit of self-preservation.

Sibeth realizes that she is worth nothing without the title of queen. This realization comes after facing many hardships, not even a week alone. She can’t hunt, can’t construct a makeshift shelter, or do anything.

Sibeth is back - See Season 3 Episode 4

That attack by the snake is what saved her. The snake turned out to be food, a scene I watched with one eye closed. But after, discovering that that snake didn’t bite her and successfully protected herself against it this gives her confidence.

Also, she might have construed this as a sign in a universe full of superstition. It might be what informs her next steps.

It doesn’t stop surprising me just how much Maghra loves Sibeth.

Maghra is also intelligent enough to realize they might not avoid war. Even if Baba and the rest manage to destroy the bombs, there is no telling what next step the scientist — whose name I still refuse to say — will take.

Queen Maghra - See Season 3 Episode 4

It doesn’t matter what a good leader Maghra is because the witch hunters are asking for it at this point. I wouldn’t blame her if she used the same bombs to blow them out of existence. They don’t let their beliefs die even with their almost certain death. It would be admirable if it weren’t such a pain.

The second jaw-dropping moment is when Sibeth returns. She could have chosen to leave as nothing ties her to Paya anymore. I initially thought she was going to join the Trivantians.

She is insane. She can do anything. Now that she has no stake in Paya, it is reasonable from her viewpoint to flatten it.

Her decision to return is something that will offset many variables. The threat that Maghra faces just becomes bigger. The witch finders have someone in their corner. If they buy whatever she is selling, the domestic problem becomes as big as the foreign problem.

Lucien: Queen Maghra! This is a surprise.
Sibeth: Maghra is not your queen.

Tomarda, The Scientist - See Season 3 Episode 4

This was an excellent episode. It is one of the best. Which moments made you hold your breath or even forget to breathe?

Let us know in the comments below.

New episodes of See stream every Friday on Apple TV+

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