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FROM Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Belly of the Beast

Where do we even start after “Belly of the Beast”?

While FROM Season 2 Episode 6 was a tense, fast-paced affair, FROM Season 2 Episode 7 was quiet, an hour moving us toward the finale. But even in its more solemn moments, FROM can be absolutely terrifying.

Things are changing, and it’s starting to feel like we’re on the precipice of something that will change the town forever.

The Morning After - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

Change can be a scary thing. And while it can be a good thing, a beacon of hope, it can also bring about a lot of pain.

The jury is still out on what these changes in town will bring, but it’s certainly not looking good right now.

Thinking Things Through - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

After the stressful night at the clinic, a big question weighed on everyone’s mind: what do we do with the dead monster?

If I’ve learned anything from countless hours watching horror films, it’s that if you get a chance to study the thing that’s trying to kill you, you take it. And clearly, Boyd and Kristi are also horror film connoisseurs because that’s exactly what they wanted to do.

And it makes a ton of sense because of how little they know about, well, anything.

They are working on very little information regarding the monsters, and getting a peek inside them, seeing how they’re configured, would, at the very least, provide them with some more context. Plus, there’s the whole Boyd’s infected blood killing the monster.

Getting inside that body and extracting some of its blood could be the key to everything.

Pleading With Kristi - FROM Season 2 Episode 6.

Kenny has had a rough FROM Season 2, and it’s not as if he doesn’t have reason to be angry. Everything with Sara has brought back a slew of sadness and pain, and he’s still so angry at Boyd, one of the people he trusted most.

And then there’s the Kristi relationship, which hasn’t been addressed much but has been simmering under Kenny’s skin since he found out who Marielle was.

He’s just a ball of strong, negative emotions that come out in small bursts here and there. His reluctance to want to do anything with the monster appeared to come from a place of concern, and he wasn’t wrong to point out how dangerous it could be.

They spend every night making sure those monsters don’t come inside, but now they’re willingly bringing one in. And the monster looked dead, but considering they knew nothing, what if it was only hibernating?

There were a lot of unknowns, and it could have gone catastrophically wrong, but it was worth the try.

Fatima At The Greenhouse - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

Of course, before they could get into the guts of the monster, we got a jumpscare and another Kenny freakout. But this Kenny freakout came with a love confession that was equally sweet and devastating.

Kristi, I love you. And all I want is for you to be happy. But I can’t go in there and watch you do something that might get you killed. I just, I can’t do that. I just can’t. I’m sorry.


I think the whole town knew that Kenny was in love with Kristi, including Kristi. But it’s one thing to vaguely know and keep it in your periphery, and it’s another to have it right in front of your face.

I believed Kenny when he said he was happy for Kristi because, above all else, I think everyone in that town wants happiness for one another. But there’s also only so much you can do at the expense of your own heart.

Kenny could sit by and see Kristi with someone else, but he wasn’t willing to sit there while Kristi threw herself into a potentially dangerous situation. And I know Kristi was scared, but trying to basically guilt him into staying with her and invoking this idea of a “them” wasn’t her finest moment.

It wasn’t done to be malicious. She may not have even consciously understood the weight behind her words, but Kristi’s fiancée was inside detoxing, which was one of the only reasons she wasn’t currently by Kristi’s side.

And here she was, trying to get Kenny’s help by reframing them as the A-team, which they hadn’t been since Marielle arrived.

Doing What Needs To Be Done - FROM Season 2 Episode 6.

Kenny was right to stand his ground at that moment while also letting her know how he felt. He wasn’t expecting her to suddenly confess her feelings or anything, but she opened a can of worms, and he decided to pull them out.

It may not be a FROM Quote, but isn’t that just the perfect idiom for what’s going on?

Of course, Kenny came back eventually to help because Boyd and Kristi are his people, and he would have never forgiven himself if he wasn’t there to help them should they need it, but opening the monster ended up being rather anti-climatic.

The monsters are human inside, just as they are outside, but the dead monster had no blood to speak of. Whether that’s always the case or Boyd’s infected blood made everything inside him shrivel up and die, we don’t know exactly.

Though no blood came out when Boyd initially slit the monster’s neck, so chances are they’re all devoid of blood and everything else that makes a human a human.

Elgin Adjusts - FROM Season 2 Episode 3

The bile may end up being useless, or it may end up being an essential piece of the puzzle. Either way, it was the right call. No one got hurt, and they got something in return.

Someone who will probably end up getting someone hurt is Jim because what in the world would possess him to confide in Randall, of all people?

Jim has been peddling his conspiracy theory all season, and I understand everyone from Boyd to Donna, and even his own wife has been telling him to give it a rest, but telling a total stranger about the voice on the radio? Really, Jim?

Nothing about Randall screams helpful, trustworthy, or stable, and he’s proven over and over again that he’s volatile, quick-tempered, and not interested in listening. He should have just asked for the drone and kept it at that.

Running his mouth will have consequences. I could almost guarantee that.

Reconnecting With Victor - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

Randall’s first instinct after hearing Jim’s theory was to turn it around on the people in the town. And to be honest, it’s not something I ever thought of before.

Fatima: What if you’re wrong?
Donna: I’ve got a different question for you. What if I’m right?

The idea that people in the town are working against everyone just doesn’t jive with what we’ve seen so far. We saw Sara get things carved into her skin against her will. It wasn’t like she was some willing participant in the atrocities.

There is this overarching feeling of utter panic and devastation that I believe would be extremely hard to replicate in someone. You’d have to be the greatest actor in the world to co-exist in that town and be a part of the larger experiment.

Since Jim wants to be so annoying this season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them go on a crusade around town trying to figure out who’s some kind of mole. And that has disaster written all over it.

Tabitha needs to get away from Jade and come get her husband!

Unlikely Duo - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

Speaking of Tabitha and Jade, they finally did what I’ve been preaching for a while and shared information. But they did it in a smart way, unlike Jim, who latched onto the most unpredictable person in that town.

The symbols are important, and they mean something, and now that Jade knows about the tunnels, he could be at least half a step closer to making some connections.

Until Tabitha brought it up, I’d forgotten they were in the tunnel, which means Victor also saw them, and he chose not to tell Jade about it during their foray into the woods on FROM Season 2 Episode 5. And it makes you wonder just how much Victor is truly holding back.

My guess is an awful lot, though he’s doing it out of fear.

He’s pushing Ethan away because he’s afraid of him getting hurt, and he probably thinks the more he discloses about certain things, the more danger he’s putting people in. And that inherent fear may come from situations from his past, or it’s really his way of protecting people.

Victor Considers - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

It’s a little misguided, maybe, but it comes from the right place.

Elsewhere this hour, the music box showed up twice, with Marielle during a dream and with Elgin during what I’m going to assume was also a dream.

And what does THAT mean?

Did something happen in the clinic that we didn’t see? How has Boyd essentially transferred his hallucinations onto others? And should we expect everyone else at the clinic to also start dreaming of the music and potential death?

Besides being in their general vicinity, Boyd did nothing to any of them, which would now have them seeing the music box. But then again, he didn’t do anything but be in Martin’s presence when the music box appeared before.

Sharing With Tabitha - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

There’s a lot to parse through here, but it’s hard to get a grasp on things because we don’t know enough yet. And isn’t it just like FROM to give us one answer and then start a new thread of questions?

Loose Ends

  • There continued to be a lot of talk about the changes in the town, and now they’ve introduced this idea of whether the changes could be good or bad. I lean toward bad, at least now, because things aren’t getting better. Things are just being pushed closer to the edge.
  • Poor Fatima. That town is so crippling that it rips away something that should be beautiful and taints it with fear. She needed that conversation with Donna to regain her footing, and now she and Ellis can move forward together.
  • Elgin’s dream will end up being essential down the line. I don’t know how or why, but I believe it!

Julie Listens - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

  • Kenny still isn’t ready to be back by Boyd’s side, and that may be the right decision now, but he’ll be back. I feel it.
  • Lock Dale away and throw away the key. Yes, I said it. He’s a danger to everyone in Colony House right now.
  • Julie has come a long way since she got into town. She’s matured a lot from the girl we first met, and it’s for the best because she has a kind spirit and heart that does those around her good.

Alright, guys, let’s get down to business here and start dissecting this hour and where you think we’re headed next. Because we only have a few more hours until the end of the season, and it feels like there is still a lot to come!

Let me know all your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and make sure you watch FROM online right now so you can join the conversation!

Confiding In Each Other - FROM Season 2 Episode 7

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