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“The Ultimatum” Stars Rae And Jake Finally Shared Some Answers

“I slept in a separate bed for the first five days.”

If you haven’t been watching Netflix’s truly messy reality show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, you really should.

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From the same creators as Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum follows six couples who are at a crossroads in their relationship. One partner is ready to settle down and get married, and the other…not so much.


Over the course of eight weeks, these couples will be separated and can choose to live with other partners to help them decide if they’re actually ready to marry their original or break up for good. 

Anyway, there is one NEW couple fans can’t get enough of — Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham.

Rae actually came to the show with her BF, Zay Wilson. She issued the ultimatum to Zay at the start of the show.

Meanwhile, Jake came with his girlfriend, April Marie. At the show’s start, April issued the ultimatum to Jake, who wants to be more financially stable before settling down.

But when Jake met Rae during the show’s “dating” phase, it became immediately obvious that the two share incredible chemistry.

Now, inquiring minds want to know: Did Rae and Jake sleep together during their three-week “trial marriage”?

Speaking to Us Weekly, Rae clarified they never actually slept together. “I kissed him a lot,” Rae said. “I was one who initiated kissing with him, but we didn’t take it past kissing. And that was really important to both of us.”

Jake added: “Me and Rae were very respectful doing the whole situation. No matter how it looks, we did not have sex. The only thing we did was kiss. I slept in a separate bed for the first five days on the show.”

Rae also described the “jealousy” around knowing her original partner, Zay, was living with another person — Shanique Imari — as well.

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Shanique originally came on the show with her boyfriend Randall Griffin. 

“The whole time that you’re going on these romantic dates and you’re connecting and you’re living with this person, living your day-to-day life with them — in the back of your mind is always the jealousy that you have toward your original partner and what they’re experiencing,” Rae said.

“And then just the guilt for, like, sometimes [I’d] get really happy and I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy right now. I love hanging out with this guy. I can’t wait to go home and cook dinner with him and watch a movie and do whatever.’ And then I was like, ‘I should not feel like this.'”

So, do Jake and Rae end up together in the end? Or will Jake go back to April? (Spoiler alert: Rae actually broke up with Zay during filming.) Well, we’ll have to wait until the finale on April 13 to find out.

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Netflix / YouTube / Via youtube.com

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