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Ramona Singer Reveals Her Side Of The Teresa Giudice Wedding

Ramona Singer is opening up about that very awkward mistake she made when she accidentally posted a snap of Teresa Giudice‘s wedding invitation on Instagram!

And yes, as it turns out, it really WAS an honest mistake! Even though the Real Housewives of New Jersey star had to apparently shift a ton of wedding deets around after Ramona’s leak, it’s all cool now! Well, sort of!

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The Real Housewives of New York star sat down with Jeff Lewis for an interview this week on SiriusXM‘s Jeff Lewis Live, and during their wide-ranging discussion, Singer opened up about that recent f**k-up!

First, the 65-year-old reality TV veteran explained what led her down that infamous accidental leak path. Ramona recalled how it all began when she was at home alone on a Sunday and opened up a gorgeous invitation to Teresa’s nuptials:

“So I got home from the weekend and I opened up this box and it was this huge box, white and I opened it up. There’s tons of flowers and this most gorgeous invitation. And I really get invited to a lot of weddings. I see really beautiful invitations and this blew me away.”


Clearly, it was very classy on Teresa’s part!

Not one to (usually) take to her IG Stories, Ramona decided the invite was too pretty to ignore. So, as she explained to Lewis, she opted to take a snap and publish it:

“And I don’t really do so many Insta Stories. So I say, ‘Oh my God, I have the Insta Story this and show everybody.’ Well, I want, I didn’t think it through. I’m a little, I wasn’t thinking it through. And I do that a lot. It’s good for TV, but not good my personal life. And then I just thought, ‘OK, I shared this beautiful invite with everybody.’”

Sounds great, right?!

Well, not quite!!

Almost immediately after hitting publish — Singer recalled it being less than five minutes, so it was REALLY fast — she got a frantic phone call from the RHONJ star asking her to take down the invite:

“All of a sudden I get a phone call, ‘Take it down, take it down.’ I go, ‘Teresa?’ ‘Take it down.’ And then I go, ‘Oh, oh, I did a major faux pas. OK. OK. It wasn’t intentional. I’m sorry. I just got so excited. I forgot. You’re a celebrity. People are gonna wanna know. I didn’t know what I was showing. OK. I’m sorry.” Just, ‘It’s OK. It’s OK. Just take it down.’”

Oh nooooo!

That is the worst kind of mistake. Stomach-churning!

And it must have been the most awful feeling for Ramona, who wasn’t trying to mess anything up for Teresa! She was just excited about the wedding invite!

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The Bravo vet quickly did as she was told by Teresa, and wiped the invite from the internet. Sadly, though, the damage was done. Ramona recalled how people began fake RSVPing to the wedding, using the opportunity to troll Teresa by pretending to be Melissa Gorga and other Bravo-lebrities:

“I was just so excited. I didn’t even realize. I was showing the address, the time, and there’s even an RSVP thing or something. And I heard people were RSVPing as a joke saying, ‘I’m Melissa Gorga and I’m not coming to the wedding.’”

Oh, man! TBH, that’s pretty funny. But it obviously sucked for Teresa, who had to change up a ton of stuff to make things right!!

During the SiriusXM interview, Ramona also recalled another time last year when she accidentally posted private information on social media, as well!

She joked with Lewis that she should only have her assistant post to IG for her, explaining:

“Well you know what else I did because now they have that new updated thing they did a year or so ago where you have your stories right next to your camera shots. By mistake, I posted something with my calculator. Like it was actually a financial thing. I think it was like bank statement. I don’t know. I did it by accident. And Tom [Ramona’s assistant] calls me, ‘What’d you do? … Take it down, take it down.’”

Ohhh, man. Somebody take her phone away! LOLz!

Here is the full exchange on Jeff Lewis Live (below):

So wacky!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via SiriusXM/YouTube/ABC News/YouTube]

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