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Midnight Suns’ Similarities to Multiverse of Madness Are a Coincidence

In a chat with PC Gamer (as picked up by GamesRadar), Midnight Suns Creative Lead Jake Solomon revealed that the similarities between his game and the recent MCU adventure Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are a big coincidence. Game development takes a long while, and the team at Firaxis decided on a story centering on the Darkhold book of spells long before it became a central part of Sam Rami’s film. According to Solomon, it was a “genuine surprise” to see the book show up on the silver screen as they were finishing work on the game.

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Solomon mentioned that their version of Doctor Strange would adhere to these comics, acting “fussier” than his MCU counterpart and less willing to tear apart the fabric of spacetime so his teenage friend could pass his college admissions test. He also commented on some other similarities between the two works, saying that Midnight Suns would focus on the shifting allegiances of the Scarlet Witch. He confirmed that both versions of the character would be in the game in some form, mirroring the shift MCU fans saw starting with WandaVision on Disney+.

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One big difference between Midnight Suns and any MCU project is that video games don’t have to follow strict rules regarding which characters can and can’t show up at any given time. Promotional material has already shown everyone from Spider-Man to Nico alongside heroes Marvel movie fans will know and love. The game promises many more surprises, so those looking for more multiversal moments from Doctor Strange should prepare for the release this October 7.

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