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Interview with Bishop Stevens (Revealer)

Bishop Stevens (The Girl on the Third Floor, Empire, Chicago P.D.) is an award-winning actor, and a former WCW-WWF (WWE) pro-wrestler. I was able to review Luke Boyce Revealer’s film, for Panic Fest 2022. In the film, Revealer, Bishop portrayed Ray. Ray made the movie what it was, his banter with Angie. The great comedic timing. Bishop has quite a few projects in the works including:  Tricks and Treats, Final Summer, Bloodthirst, Devil’s Knight, The Adventures of Salem Tusk, The Magnificent Raiders of Dimension War One, Bullets for Jesus: Killin’ for the Lord, and much more. In an exclusive Horrornews.net interview, Bishop talks about acting, making movies, he offers some words of wisdom, and more.

Okay, so I watched Revealer, and I loved Ray. The back and forth between Ray and Angie was hilarious. Without your character, I don’t think the movie would have been what it was.

Bishop Stevens- Thank you so much for saying that.

So, how did you get involved with the film, and why did you decide to play Ray in Revealer?

Bishop Stevens- I have a long history with Shatter Glass Film Studios. I have worked with Luke Boyce and Brett Hays for years. I’ve been blessed to work with them on several films. I worked with Chance the Rapper; I did Girl on the Third Floor with Travis Stevens. Anytime they call, I’m there. When the script came to me, Ray reminded me of my dad back in the day. He’s real cool, and into what’s happening. I thought that was cool. Ray’s a good guy and he cares about you but he got the short end of the deal. When it comes to the monster effects, it came out the exact way that I thought it was going to come out.

Oh my gosh, the special effects in Revealer are wild. I loved them.

Bishop Stevens- I want to post some behind the scenes photos when I’m able to.

Did the process take long? Did you have to get in prosthetics?

Bishop Stevens – No, that’s what was cool. Our special effects team made the head from photos. I never had to be plastered up or anything. The special effects team was incredible. I was blessed to part of the Revealer.

I’m glad you were a part of the Revealer as Ray. The comedic timing you have is great, the back-and-forth banter between you and Angie. The movie would not have been the same without you.

Bishop Stevens- What’s cool is Caito Aase and I were able to feed off of each other. We never worked together until now, and we clicked right away. Both of the actresses are incredible, Shaina Schrooten and Caito Aase are incredible. The writing was perfect for both of us. 

Trick and Treats is another film, I’m excited about. How did you get involved with Trick and Treats?

Bishop Stevens – Trick and Treats is another one that I’m looking forward to it coming out. I had the pleasure of starring with two icons. Malcom McDowell is the voice of Trick, and I got work with Gary Busey himself. I learned a lot being onset with him. The backstory for this film is well done.

What was it like working with Eric Hector?

Bishop Stevens- It was great working with Eric, he’s underrated, but by his own doing. He doesn’t buy into all the IMDB stuff. He’s one of the humblest people in this business that I’ve ever met. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be in a movie with Malcom McDowell.

What was it like working with Gary Busey?

Bishop Stevens- You get what you call a Busey-ism. Needless to say, I never got any Busey-isms. I’m good with improv so I will say that.

Did you take anything away from working with Gary Busey?

Bishop Stevens- Don’t be afraid, and I will tell every actor this now. One thing I’ve learned from Gary Busey is that he will make the character his character. With, Ray, I made the character my character. Make the character your character, and you cannot go wrong. I learned that from working with Gary. So many times, as an actor we try so hard to be what we think you want it to be. Gary told me the first people that notice if you’re being fake and not being you.

You do embody the characters, but you also know that’s Bishop Stevens.

Bishop Stevens – Yes, that’s it. People say that’s Bishop Stevens.

Do you think that you would ever direct a film?

Bishop Stevens – I directed a trailer for a movie. It’s called the Hostage Wife, and I was there to play one of the detectives, and there was an issue so, I stepped in. If you look up the trailer for Hostage Wife, I actually directed most of that. I do not envy any director who isn’t lucky enough to have great actors.

What can you tell us about Final Summer?

Bishop Stevens – Final Summer is a slasher movie. If you like Slasher movies, it’s going to be up there. What’s your favorite slasher movie?

I love some of the old school slasher movies and some newer one, The Strangers: Prey at Night, Fright the 13th, Haunt, Trick ‘r Treat, Wolf Creek, You’re Next, My Bloody Valentine… I could go on and on.

Bishop Stevens – Okay, well you are going to love Final Summer.

I’m excited to watch it. How did you get started in acting, and is it something that you have always wanted to do?

Bishop Stevens- I was always an actor of sorts, I started as a professional wrestler for ten years, I was with WCW. I was with the WWF before I got injured. I had my television and movie training, facial expressions from pro-wrestling. There are so many pro-wrestlers like The Rock, Hogan, Savage, Booker T who are in movies. There’s a handful of us that are trying to get to that star level. I’ve always believed in striving high. My acting career was a total accident. When I left pro-wrestling because of my injury, I opened a fitness center. I did a workout DVD called, The Worx. I did an informercial that caused someone to contact me, and ask if I wanted to be in a movie, and play a villain. They were just going to shoot the trailer, and I said, Ummm, I don’t think so. Then they called back, and asked again, so I said, okay… I’ll give it a shot. A good friend of mine named Leanne Unland got me hooked up in Chicago, and the next thing I know, I was on EMPIRE. EMPIRE had just started, and they decided they wanted guys who looked like security guys. I wound up on Chicago P.D.

I loved wrestling for a long time. It’s crazy, and I imagine it takes a toll on you and your body.

Bishop Stevens – It’s like football, those guys don’t go out there trying to hurt each, but accidents do happen. I think one thing that’s cool is me and my team are making good choices.

You were in The Girl on the Third Floor, what was it like working with Travis Stevens? He’s one of my favorite directors. I’d love to see him direct you in a full feature as the lead.

Bishop Stevens- Travis is the man. Travis is so cool to work with. I do hope to work with him again in the future. It was a great movie set; he knows what he wants. I think that’s why he was able to bring out a great performance out of C.M. Punk. I’ve known Punk for years as a wrestler, I knew him back from the WWF and ECW. So, it was cool work with Punk. It was nice working with Travis. He’s such a talented director.

What advice or words of wisdom would you offer?

Bishop Stevens- My advice is… don’t, unless you’re willing to give it one hundred percent. There are so many actors and actresses out there who becomes actors because somebody said they are cute or talented, and they think that’s all it takes. No, let me tell you, I have gone through two or three cars driving back and forth to Atlanta and Chicago. If you’re not willing to give your all, there is somebody out there waiting to do it. If you’re waiting for stardom to come for you, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

What else are you working on?

Bishop Stevens – I leave in June to do a film called, Devil’s Knight. There are some other projects that I can’t talk about. I do have a steampunk action film that I’m putting together. It’s called The Adventures of Salem Tusk.

The Adventures of Salem Tusk looks good. Are you planning on turning it into a feature film?

Bishop Stevens – Yes, there’s a lot of people that didn’t understand steampunk. Steampunk is its own thing.

Yes, steampunk is awesome. There is so much you can do with steampunk.

Bishop Stevens – It’s going to an action film with an African American lead hero. The difference is, I didn’t want him to be a stand-alone hero. I wanted him to have a team. This is going to be one of the most diverse films.

Bishop, it was an honor talking with you. I thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me for Horrornews.net.

Bishop Stevens- Thank you, Janel.

Bishop Stevens




Photos courtesy of Bishop Stevens

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