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5 Haunted Dwellings That Are Too Affordable To Leave

No place is perfect, but if it is rent-controlled I’m willing to make it work.

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Haunted homes can happen to the best of us. We see plenty in the horror genre. We usually think we’d leave as soon as kids start levitating, or we see a threatening message scribbled on a wall. At least we thought we would until we look at these price increases in larger cities over the last few years. You can pay thousands in California and New York only to live with multiple roommates. What difference does it make if the roommates are alive or ghosts as long as your share of the rent stays reasonable? What’s a hidden room of secrets other than a bonus guest room? 

Let’s fill those glasses half full and reevaluate these 5 Haunted Dwellings That Are Too Affordable To Leave!

1BR (2019)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

1br movie review 2020 1024x427 - 5 Haunted Dwellings That Are Too Affordable To Leave

A woman moves to Los Angeles and finds what appears to be the perfect apartment. We all know finding an affordable place in LA is practically impossible. Sarah not only finds a sizeable apartment in a safe neighborhood with a top-notch security system and super friendly neighbors. The complex does not allow pets and has a few questionable rules, but that might just be California. Is the community a cult? Yes. Can we find a better apartment listing in that area? No. 

The 4th Floor (1999)

Where You Can Watch: Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Youtube

4th floor - 5 Haunted Dwellings That Are Too Affordable To Leave

A woman inherits a rent-controlled apartment in a building full of suspicious neighbors. Jane’s late grandmother left her a pretty sweet deal. This huge New York apartment is $400 a month in the late ’90s. It’s a bit of an endurance test because it’s a walk-up with no elevator. Being terrorized by neighbors isn’t ideal, and no one wants to live with so many flies and maggots. But how often do we see rent-controlled apartments anymore?

Darling (2015)

Where You Can Watch: Pluto TV, Tubi, and Vudu

darling - 5 Haunted Dwellings That Are Too Affordable To Leave

A woman slowly descends into madness while caretaking for a Manhattan mansion. Technically, Darling is supposed to be working while living her best mansion life. However, she is being paid to stay in a ginormous sophisticated mansion in New York. In this gig economy I would expect a few haunted rooms or something. The fact that the home pushes her off of the deep end and she commits murder is a cute little turn. I know that I have said many times, “I would kill to live in New York,” so, I’m not as stressed out about it as I would’ve been if there were demons or ghost children running around.

The Haunting of Connecticut (2009)

Where You Can Watch: HBOMax

The Haunting In Connecticut - 5 Haunted Dwellings That Are Too Affordable To Leave(L-R) Sara (Virginia Madsen) and Matt (Kyle Gallner) in the movie, “The Haunting in Connecticut”

A family moves into a new home to be closer to their son’s doctors and find out the house has sinister plans for them. But the landlord gives them the first month free! The house is gorgeous with way more than enough room for this whole family and then some. I imagine Connecticut isn’t a cheap place to live, so what does it matter that the house used to be a funeral home? 

The Room (2019) 

Where You Can Watch: Shudder 

The Room 1024x576 - 5 Haunted Dwellings That Are Too Affordable To Leave

A couple moves into a gorgeous large home and discovers a room that grants material wishes. You would think a genie room would be a selling point. But this couple whiffs it and ends up with a homicidal child. Things escalate super fast, and we get to see more of this home that this couple can somehow afford on their budget. This house is gorgeous, and if the whole killer kid thing hadn’t happened, it would by far be the best listing on this apartment guide.

Content Warning: This movie does have a sexual assault scene.

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