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Harry Styles Satellite Video Spotlights Fan Fashion

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The singer honoured the signature feather boas and cowboy boots worn by devoted “Harries” in the new video for “Satellite.”

By Stephanie Davoli

Date May 9, 2023

Anyone who’s been to a Harry Styles concert in the past two years, or has seen how his thousands of fans like to dress up for his shows, knows one thing to be true — Harries (the fandom name for Styles’ enthusiasts) have created a distinct concert-going uniform that consists of everything from brightly-coloured fringe jackets to platform boots, cowboy hats and, of course, feather boas.

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In a new music video for Styles’s latest single, “Satellite,” the British pop star paid tribute to his fans’ unique fashion sense in a memorable way.

The video begins with a Mars rover-like robot named Stomper roaming the backstage halls at one of the 15 sold-out Love on Tourshows that Styles played at the Forum in Los Angeles in January of this year.

Stomper soon travels out to the arena floor but before that, the robot stops in front of a TV to listen to a documentary about the Mars Curiosity rover. At this point, Successionfans will recognize a familiar voice as Logan Roy himself (Brian Cox) narrates a short voiceover.

After the brief Succession cameo, Stomper ventures out to the floor of the venue as the night’s concert comes to an end. The small-but-mighty robot then finds itself navigating around hundreds of concert-goers who, as one can tell from their brightly-coloured boots and ’70s-inspired bell bottoms, are unmistakable Harries.

Real-life Harries immediately noticed how the singer included these details about themselves and their outfits in the video — and quickly took to social media to share their thoughts.

There’s been speculation on social media if Styles used real footage of actual concert-goers in the video alongside the clips of actors decked out in Love on Tour wear. The general consensus seems to be that a mix of actor and actual fan footage was used, especially as fans now recount seeing the little robot roaming ominously among feather boa remnants and allegedly recording footage after some of the shows.

Many elements of the Styles fandom’s eccentric concert outfits can be attributed directly to Styles’s own past looks. For instance, the feather boa is not only a popular accessory among his concert-goers, the singer also donned one himself during his 2021 Grammys appearance. Other standout style signatures of the British singer that are often replicated by fans include sequins, leather pants and leotards.

However, Harries don’t solely wear outfits that replicate Styles’s own looks. Instead, a culture centred around a shared respect, kindness and inclusivity has been fostered among fans and the colourful outfits they usually don to Styles’s shows represent just that — the ability to freely and openly express who they are.

Styles himself has made headlines for how his fashion sense has not only evolved throughout his career but how it sometimes challenges conventional norms. And, after appearing on the cover of Vogue’s December 2020 issue in a dress, Styles began to hear more questions regarding his gender identity, and even faced backlash for the look

Despite the constant questioning, the star has continuously refused to label himself in terms of sexuality and gender identity. He was quoted in the June 2022 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, saying, “The whole point of where we should be heading, which is toward accepting everybody and being more open, is that it doesn’t matter, and it’s about not having to label everything, not having to clarify what boxes you’re checking.”

Styles’s willingness to be playful with his fashion sense has been fun for fans to watch as well. On his latest tour, Styles’s wardrobe has ranged widely from night to night — and fans quickly came to look forward to seeing what he’d wear at their show. A pattern also quickly emerged during some Love on Tour shows as the singer’s stylist, Harris Lambert, would sometimes post a photo of Styles’s outfit for the night on Twitter, often crediting Gucci (Styles is an ambassador for the luxury label) with creating the look.


Love on Tour is set to wrap up this July in Italy after over 160 shows — and hundreds of thousands of unforgettable outfits from Styles and his Harries alike.

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