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Answers to Questions About Contraception You’ve Been Too Scared to

Because the best way to tackle misconceptions is by getting informed.

By FASHION for Essencelle.ca

Date April 13, 2023

Birth control shouldn’t be taboo. And yet, there’s still a hush-hush mentality when it comes to talking about safe sex, reproductive health, and contraception. Enter: Essencelle, with the goal of raising awareness about these very topics.

“Birth control is probably the number one empowerment tool for women,” says Rupinder Toor, a family doctor and founder of a women’s clinic in Calgary. Dr. Toor weighs in on some of the most common queries and myths surrounding contraception. To learn more about your options, speak to a healthcare provider and visit Essencelle.ca.

What types of birth control options are available?

Not all birth control methods are the same — and there’s a lot to choose from. A few examples include the implant, as well as both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs. The pill, the vaginal ring, the patch, or using a condom.

How do I choose the right method of birth control?

“What you really need to think about is: what are your reproductive goals?” suggests Toor. “When do you actually want to be pregnant? And how important is it for you not to be pregnant until you’re ready?” Once you have a clear understanding of your path and plans you can speak to your healthcare provider to understand the best option for you based on your needs. 

How can I talk to my doctor about the different methods of contraception?

Be open about your sexual activity and plans for pregnancy, and ask what option is right for you based on that, says Toor. “Reframing it from a reproductive goals approach takes it away from the sex part, which is what people have a tough time talking about.”

Doctors can also help in figuring out financial logistics, from government subsidies to assistance programs offered through pharmaceutical companies.

How can I talk to my new partner about our birth control options?

Have an honest conversation about when — or if — you want kids. “If the answer for both of you is like, ‘Yeah, not now. Not anytime soon,’ then talk about what the options might be,” says Toor. “Sometimes the reproductive burden falls on women [because] most birth control options are designed for women.” (Currently, the only male birth control option is a condom). But even if one partner is not taking birth control, they can still be proactive in prioritizing reproductive health — whether it’s by offering financial and emotional support or wearing a condom and getting tested to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

What is the most widely-spread misconception about birth control?

“People think birth control is about sex,” says Toor. “But birth control is about having a reproductive plan. It’s about being in control of your goals and getting more information about the things that will help you meet those goals.”

That involves busting another myth: the idea that there aren’t that many options out there. “A lot of women, when they think of birth control, they think of the pill,” she says. “But there’s so much available outside of that.”

Ready to learn more about your birth control options? Visit Essencelle.ca today. 

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